Reader's Bathrooms: Ivona's Sunny Croatian Greetings

Reader's Bathrooms: Ivona's Sunny Croatian Greetings

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 9, 2007

(Welcome to Bathroom Month! We're taking inspiring bathroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts in return. Join us. All info is here.)

Welcome to Ivona!

I'm not sure you'll accept my bathroom into your contest, but since I'm an avid reader (not so much commentator :D ), I still hope you'll take it into consideration. I'm not from NY, LA, Chicago or any other city in the US. I'm not even from the same continent. :) I'm writing to you from Zagreb, the capital in Croatia (if you try to look it up on a map, try in the vicinity of Italy)...

I have a relatively small apt., about 630 sq. ft, but one of the great things about it is the my bathroom. It's 64 sq. ft., with a beautiful large window overlooking half the city (I'm on the top floor) and lots of natural light because it oriented to the West. However, when I moved in, I found that the tiles were not to my liking - they are the cheapest kind, with white tiles on the walls, and deep blue on the floor. Needless to say, I had absolutely no money left after buying the place, so I played with color. I chose a complementary orange to spice up the space, and make it more alive in the bright sunshine.

One of the photos shows a "picture" that I had made as an art project in highschool: it's made of painted and cut ceramic peaces, plastered together in a wooden frame. I put it over the toilet, because the colors were just right. Another wall is covered with three framed photos of different forms of water (the sea - a beautiful photo of one of Croatian beaches; a lake - one in Beijing; a river - from Verona, Italy), since this is a bathroom. :) Given the relatively small space, I have to keep my washer in the bathroom, so I put a vase with sunflowers on it, to represent the abundance of sunshine this space gets anyhow. The sunflower motif is repeated in the small slip-mats in the tub (I hope that's how they're called). I also used a blue Ikea stool for kids and put a round orange piece of selfadhesive paper in the center of it. The floor is covered with an orange cloth cover, and the shower curtain and window blind are both the same blue as the tiles on the floor.

That's it from me. Sending you a lot of love and sunshine from lovely Croatia!


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