Reader's Bedrooms: Elizabeth's Bold Romantic

Reader's Bedrooms: Elizabeth's Bold Romantic

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 22, 2007

(Welcome to Bedroom Month! We're taking inspiring bedroom submissions from our readers. Join us. All info is here.)

Welcome to Elizabeth!

This is my bedroom. I love it because it is very dark (when I shut the curtains and blinds) and has my favorite things in it. Those being, my books, my art, my grandmother's vanity, and of course, my kitties. I really wanted a dark, sleep friendly space, with a romantic, yet bold, feminine feeling.

I'm getting there. I'm actually moving in a few weeks, which is good because I'll have more space and I can finally change the wall color. Any suggestions? Also, I'd love recommendations on where to look for beds. Hope you like my room as much as I do. I'm getting sleepy just talking about it...


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