Reader's Bedrooms: Mariah's Budget Beauty

Reader's Bedrooms: Mariah's Budget Beauty

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 28, 2007

(Welcome to Bedroom Month! We're taking inspiring bedroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts. Join us UNTIL THE END OF THIS WEEK. All info is here.)

Welcome to Mariah!

We bought our house last year and have been renovating it on a tight budget. Thus my interior design aesthetic tends to be a combination of flea market, thrift store, ebay, and craigslist chic with a dash of IKEA and Target and DIY. Its still a work in progress and a little sparse in spots where we plan to hang more art and give it a bit more flair. My boyfriend uses the guest room across the hall for dressing and doing work-so that space is a bit more masculine...

Some of my favorite finds:

The lamps were a craigslist find-$25 for both! The shades they came with were dated so I replaced the shades with $20 Target linen drum shades.

The dresser-a really well made flea market piece which would have been a bit country for my taste-with its white distressed finish- had me sold when I noticed that all the pulls are made from copper piping.

The fruitwood nightstands and the bamboo look mirror were found at a local thrift stores. I'm debating laquering the nightstands at some point-any recommendations?

The starburst mirror was a $20 ebay find-though I think it is going to relocate elsewhere in the house once I enlarge a couple photos I took recently.

The most expensive piece in the room is the tiny upper persimmon oil painting which I bought in France last year. It looked sad and lonely by itself on that wall-so I found another persimmon painting on ebay to keep it company.

I made the headboard and bedskirt-and painted the birds above the bed- even that is still a work in progress!

It's not huge, and it's not fancy- but it's my favorite place relax and read AT at the end of the day!!!


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