Reader's Bedrooms: Keely's Yummy Gingerbread

Reader's Bedrooms: Keely's Yummy Gingerbread

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 1, 2007

(Welcome to Bedroom Month! We're taking inspiring bedroom submissions from our readers and giving gifts UNTIL THE END OF THE WEEK. Join us. All info is here.)

Welcome to Keely!

We moved into our 1910 gingerbread house almost 3 months ago, and the bedroom is the tiniest room in the house, so we've had to manage by making the bedroom only for sleeping, and turning our office into a dressing room...

this arrangement has actually worked out wonderfully, as the bedroom is cozy and only contains our bed and nightstand, while the dressing room has ample space for us to pose in front of the mirror and toss clothes on the daybed.

I drew the tree on the wall, and the two small paintings in the
corner are also my drawings. I am happy to send more photos if
you're interested, and more pics of our house can be found">here.


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