Reader's Bedrooms: AO's Birch Forest

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Welcome to AO!

The key to a great bedroom is to focus on making a sanctuary for privacy, relaxation, and (ultimately) sleeping.
For our apartment we chose:
-Light blocking shades to keep out street light and added the top-down feature to allow for morning or evening light while retaining privacy.
-Ultra-quiet ceiling fan and humidifier (the white donut looking thing on the dresser)....

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-A small cat door to let the kitties in/out of the bedroom anytime w/o disturbing resting humans. Keeping the door closed allows for heat or a/c control
-Minimal clutter:
--We only have a few books and a wall mounted tv with hidden electronics (see the floating re-purposed white Ikea shoe box on the wall? the a/v equipment is in there.)
--HUGE Closet remodel to hide away all our stuff.
-Soothing wallpaper that makes a statement. "Relax, you are in a cozy birch forest"

Cheers, AO
Hoboken, NJ

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