Reader's Bedrooms: Jennie's Retreat

Reader's Bedrooms: Jennie's Retreat

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 2, 2007

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Welcome to Jennie!

Last year, I moved from a one-room studio apartment (ie: no real "bedroom")to my current 2-bedroom bi-level high rise. Being able to actually retreat to a quiet, uncluttered bedroom at night is the best thing in the world...maybe I just appreciate it more from my lack of a bedroom in my previous living space.

To keep the room serene, the wall behind the bed is painted a pale
ballet-slipper pink, and the furniture has clean lines. My favorite pieces are the little green lamps next to the bed. I like them because they seem a bit out of place...but make sense to me in the space. The paintings above the bed are dramatic and eye-catching...just enough to add a little excitement.



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