Reader's Cabins: Jody's Fish Camp

Reader's Cabins: Jody's Fish Camp

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 26, 2007

Welcome to Jody! Even though it's bedroom month, folks are sending us all sorts of stuff. This is a great palate cleanser for the end of February. Are you dreaming of a little home in the heart of the country? Now's the time to go looking...

I'm renovating my apt in Brooklyn myself, but I thought a more interesting story would be a vertical log cabin I bought this last December in the Catskills. We all know how important it is to be able to get out of the city! The previous owner neglected it to the point of collapse...

After a year of emails to the church that owned it, I slowly talked them into selling it to me for the cost of the land, as it looked so bad (the porch fell off the front). There are 4 cabins on my street that were built by the same folks as a fishing camp around 1915 I'm told.

I was taken with the bones of the cabin and plan to restore it over the next few summers. As you see in the picture of my falling down shed, I removed a ton of garbage that was in the cabin, including a kiddie pool, 2 weight benches, 3 fans, a vacuum cleaner, a TV + other electrical stuff – the cabin has never been wired for electricity! I plan to:

1. Take the garbage to the dump + burn all the lumber that made up the old porch (that fell off the front of the cabin).
2. Spray the whole thing with borate – there is some termite damage.
3. Replace the leaking roll tarpaper roof with standing seem metal roof or maybe shingles?
4. Repair + refinish the floor.
5. Design a suitable kitchen + bathroom.
6. Install a Dutch west wood stove I bought on eBay
7. Run basic electricity
8. Build a porch

I just got started cleaning it out and then it got sooo cold! I plan to start working on it again when it warms up this spring. As I make some progress, I will be taking more pictures… Jody

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