Readers' Tips: Pantone Mugs, Rex Ray Calendar, Tribeca Storage Ottoman, Fluorescent Fixer

We get so many great tips from readers that we thought we'd share a few of them here. Jump below for more details on a calendar from one of our favorite artists, a source for Pantone mugs, colorful storage ottomans on sale, and a way to diffuse the light from CFLs.

More details:
• Pantone Mugs: (We blogged them here) $16 at West Seattle's Click! Design That Fits (Thanks, John!)

• Rex Ray Calendar: $15.99 at Builders Booksource (Thanks, mmepatty!)

• Fluorescent Fixer lighting cover for spiral CFLS: Adaptive Lighting Solutions (Thanks, Clarice!)

• Tribeca Storage Ottoman: (We blogged them here) Now on sale for 60% off at The Company Store (Thanks, Brenda!)