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While I do love my Amazon Kindle Paperwhite I still read quite a bit on my tablet. Whether it's a book, magazine, or online article, tablets are pretty much the ideal vehicles for reading all of this content on one device. What are the apps I use? Read on for some favorite picks for consuming this type of content on the iPad and Android tablets.
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iPad Books iBooks: While I'm not crazy about the bookshelves in iBooks, I do like using this app to read books and PDFs that I've created on my Mac or iPad. The reading options are solid (I love the way definitions are displayed) and if I'm not reading a book in iBooks, I'm reading it in the Kindle app just for the cross-platform versatility. App is free, content costs vary.
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Magazines Newsstand: While the fact that I can't easily put the Newsstand app inside of a folder drives me batty (I know it's like its own folder), I will reluctantly admit that every magazine subscription I have, that I read on my iPad, is via this app (early Zinio use was crash filled and disappointing). Do I wish that it was combined with iBooks? Yes, but at the very least Newsstand keeps the magazines together in its own annoying little way and makes paying and managing subscriptions simple. App is free, subscription costs vary by publication
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Online Articles/ Blogs Pocket: To be perfectly honest I use Pocket on every single piece of technology I own that it's available for. I throw articles into Pocket several times a day and find it's my ideal way to consume long form pieces published online. Also available for Android. Free
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Android Books Kindle: While syncing is not as seamless across devices as it is in the iBooks universe, it's still far better than it is with the Nook app. Kindle has a huge repository of books and is available on almost everything (including Windows 8). I love being able to have the same book on the Paperwhite as I do on the Samsung Galaxy Note II and so this is where I buy and read the vast majority of my books even though I dislike the way the apps looks and works in landscape. App is free, content costs vary.
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Magazines Zinio: The clear king when it comes magazine reading on both Android tablets and the iPad. Not terribly enthused about the design (I find the dark background tricky to read and navigate) but it gets the job done, looks great on the Nexus 7, and I have yet to discover an equivalent magazine app that works better. App is free, subscription costs vary by publication
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Online Articles/ Blogs Press: If you're a fan of using Google Reader to catch up on all the blogs you read then this is the app for you. It's clean (not as visually distracting as Flipboard) and is a delight to use on the Nexus 7. Now if this app were only available for the iPad, my life would be complete. $1.99

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