Ready, Aim...5 DIY Nerf Target Games

If your kids love Nerf, you've probably been pelted in some body part more than once. So how about providing your kids with something more fun to aim for than your head? We've rounded up 5 fun DIY projects you can make to construct your own blasting range.


1. Pallet Target Range at Hogwash. If you can find some pallets and secure some pizza pans, you're halfway to making this range.
2. Minecraft Nerf Target at Housing a Forest. Watch out for Creepers and shoot any Endermen you see in this Minecraft range.
3. Pie Tin Target Range at Mommy's in a Timeout. Simple pie tins make perfect targets, and nerf darts stick to them like glue.
4. Tin Can Challenge at The Vaughn Household. A classic stack of tin cans makes an old school target.
5. Target Range at Rocks in the Dryer. With a few recycled cans, your kids can set up this range themselves.

(Images: as linked above)

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