Ready for Purple? Tons of Purple Inspiration


A few weeks ago I shared some Purple! Violet! Plum! Aubergine! furnishings that are all new to the retail landscape. In my hunt for all things purple I found a wealth of purple inspiration in the Apartment Therapy archives…

1 Purple Rooms That I Don't Hate
2 Contract Color Trend: Plum
3 Purple Accents & Accessories for the Home
4 Color Therapy: Purple Stripes
5 Black & White and Purple All Over

6 Purple! Violet! Plum! Aubergine!
7 Purple Kitchen Cabinets
8 Purple Rooms That I Don't Hate Part 2
9 The Purple Staircase in "How to Steal a Million"
10 Eggplant, Lavender & Lilac: Purple Paint & Accents