Through the Wardrobe: Real-Life Narnia

Through the Wardrobe: Real-Life Narnia

Beth Callaghan
Mar 28, 2012

Granted, this isn't the first time we've seen a replica Narnia that someone has built for their children. But it's a pretty cool one, and it's taking the internet by storm.

The room showed up in a post on Reddit, where the Redditor, kelseypolo, explains that when her friends were building their house, they found some extra space next to one of the kids' rooms. They had some fun turning it into a Narnia-themed playroom and putting a wardrobe over the entrance for the full effect.

While most Redditors found it "totally awesome," many of them questioned whether it was a fire hazard and whether, well, illicit goings-on might happen in there in the future. What do you think? Totally cool, over the top, or potentially hazardous?

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