Re(al)view: Audiovox Surface Screen and Lens Cleaner

Re(al)view: Audiovox Surface Screen and Lens Cleaner

Mar 6, 2009

Ok, all you dirty birdies, we have an issue to discuss: Screen touching. Why do you do this? Why? Can you not just point? Does contact need to be made in order to engender understanding in your audience?

You know what? Forget it. It just doesn't matter anymore now that we have Surface...

When someone tells you that they have a magical product that heals cuts in leather and vinyl with a perfect color-matching paste, you think "Sure, probably not.". When someone tells you that they have a spray that cleans your computer screen, celly, camera lens, and various other surfaces, it is not as hard to believe. And we want our workstations clean.

This isn't about the liquid, which is very effective, mind you... No alcohol, no ammonia and it is also biodegradable. This is about usability and style. We have a number of those other sprays lying around the Unplggd mansion, looking very ugly and out of place. They come in stock bottles that you might also find WD40, Rogaine, or other unglamorous products packaged in. These may suffice in a normal household where style does not matter but that is just not the Unplggd M.O.

Another issue is that if you try to take any of these other bottles on the go with you, you are asking for a wet bag and maybe laptop as well. If they come with a microfiber towel, it doesn't have a place to stow for travel.

The Surface package comes with two bottles; one for home (200ml) and one for travel (60ml). The home kit has a washcloth-sized microfiber towel. The travel bottle has a clever little cap that goes on the bottom which holds your second microfiber towel; this one more 'glasses-sized':

We tried it on everything; dirty old computers, TVs, nightvision, cellphones, rifle scopes, cameras, two way mirrors and others. It works very well. We really needed a test for it though, so we came up with an idea. Below you can see the results of this test; before:

Image courtesy of

And after:

Image courtesy of

One word of advice: Do not use this stuff as aftershave! (looks like one word to us.) It can be easy to mistake Surface as a body care product (a good thing). It looks like it should sit on your dresser or take center stage on your designer sink:

If you care about the way things look in your space, then this is the premium choice for screen cleaners. They even put extra effort into the logo design. Love it.

You can pick it up here for under $20.

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