Re(al)view: Petmate Purrforma Plus

Re(al)view: Petmate Purrforma Plus

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 19, 2008

As I've mentioned in the past, I have a litter box conundrum. With three cats, plus a revolving door of foster kitties, I just can't keep up with the bombs being dropped in my house. If I leave my pad for just a few hours the place is bound to be totally gassed!

So I've been on the lookout for a self cleaning litter box. My first venture into the plug in category was with the Litter Robot, which did a decent job, despite freaking out my babies. It's main issue, though, was that it was a mighty d├ęcor problem in my teeny apartment.

On to the next. This time I tested the Pufforma Plus by Petmate...

While still big, the Purrforma looked more like a litter box than a Death Star. It's about 35.1-by-22.8-by-18.3 inches big. It works by using an automated rake to push soiled litter into a bag-lined container at the front of the box. In theory, poop and clumped litter is pushed out while clean litter passes through the forks in the rake and stays in the box. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy.

*WARNING: TMI pictures below*

My first issue with the Purrforma is that it was as loud as the garbage trucks that come to my 'hood. As the rake moves across the litter box it makes this winding sound that made me jump every time, and there seems to be spots where the rake gets caught and has to force its route, making a loud clanking sound. Surprisingly my cats weren't really phased by the noise, probably because they had their initial scare with the Litter Robot. My foster at the time, Matilda, wasn't as brave.

While most of my cats' businesses were pushed into the bag-lined container, I noticed a lot of turds were left up top, as if they ran out of steam and couldn't make the few centimeters into the drawer. Not the best thing to look at. Plus, the drawer, which only has a plastic flap to cover it when poop isn't being deposited didn't hold in odors, so even if all the poops made it in, I always knew when someone dropped a load.

I ended up having to use my scooper to make sure everything was clean, which made me think, "What's the point?"

Poop. I'll have to keep on searching.