Reclaimed Furniture With a Story: Capsule Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture With a Story: Capsule Furniture

Amber Byfield
Nov 29, 2010

When it comes to reclaimed wood, we're always curious about the story behind the wood. What vibrant life did it live before it became a coffee table or bench? Well, Capsule Furniture has figured out how to tell you in a simple - and stunning - way.

We love this beautiful, hand-hewn furniture with a story. Each piece of Capsule Furniture is made from reclaimed wood by Dan Faires. But what makes this reclaimed furniture unique is the small notch carved into it that holds a tiny time capsule, which explains the former life of the wood.

For more about the furniture artist, check out this article from The New York Times and of course, find out more at Capsule Furniture's site.

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(Image: Capsule Furniture.)

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