Reclaimed Truck Top Canvas Furniture from Environment

Reclaimed Truck Top Canvas Furniture from Environment

Cambria Bold
Apr 7, 2009

At first glance you might wonder what is up with all the patches and stains on this couch. But actually, that's the way it's supposed to look! The fabric on this Studio Sofa from Environment is made from reclaimed and weathered truck top canvases from Brazil. The canvas is put through a series of cold/boiling washes and then sun dried to extract the dirt and allow the weathered and aged patina of the canvas to show through. The patches and stains are purposeful, and add to the character of the sofa...

Dice, recycled canvas or cotton

Tripolina Chair, recycled canvas or cotton

Giramundo Swivel chair, recycled yarn

Environment Furniture, with showrooms in LA and New York, has been pushing the "sustainable luxury" line for awhile. Their upholstery furniture features unusual materials like vintage denim and repurposed military fabrics and tents. See their full collection at their website.

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