Reclaimed Wood Furniture by Jones & Jones

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Kenton and Liza Jones make handcrafted wood furniture and accessories (such as these $85 cutting boards) from reclaimed Pacific Northwest wood. We fell in love with their simple, yet classic table at an art fair in Trout Lake, Washington, over the weekend. Photos after the jump...

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Multicolored end tables for a sofa...

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...and a long table, perfect for a hallway landing strip. Simple joinery and good proportions give this table grace. This is the kind of furniture you'll put in your will.

We found the prices very reasonable for handcrafted furniture—nothing was more than $1000, and most pieces were much less. The finish is particularly suited for furniture that begs for a touch: earth-friendly natural tung oil, buffed to a satin sheen.

Jones & Jones also do custom work. A website is planned for the future, but for right now you can reach them via email at