Sleeker & Simpler Reclining Sofa Recommendations?

Sleeker & Simpler Reclining Sofa Recommendations?

Tess Wilson
Nov 25, 2015

Q: Hello Apartment Therapy! Our oldest child has disabilities, and at the end of the day, we like to snuggle as a family on our sofa with a chaise (he gets the chaise to stretch out). Our current sofa is a Room & Board York sofa with chaise but our son is outgrowing the chaise in that it is too narrow. I would like to get a reclining sofa (sectional with a reclining side would be preferred) where he would have more room to stretch out diagonally and snuggle with mom, dad, and the dog. I have looked at all the online retailers I can think of (Lazy Boy, Macy's, Wayfair, local furniture stores) and am finding it impossible to avoid the over-stuffed style that dominates the market...

We also need a fabric sofa as opposed to leather (leather is too slippery for him), which further limits the search. The only workable option I have found is the IKEA Friheten (formerly known as the Manstad), above, with the pop up mattress that could act as a footrest, but I find it uncomfortable and a little smaller than I would like. That is our backup option though.

Can Apartment Therapy readers recommend any sleek or just boxed cushion fabric reclining sofas or sectionals? -Sent by Laura

Editor: Readers, please help Laura's family find the perfect sofa to suit their needs!

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