Recommendations for a Contractor in NYC?

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Q: Having spent 2 years renovating and restoring an apartment in the West Village, I'm now residing on the UWS in new digs and am faced with a job that requires skills I don't have (or at least skills that I shouldn't attempt to gain as not to upset my Board). I'm looking to transform a closet into a sleep alcove. It will require knocking out a non-load bearing wall and moving some wiring.

Can anyone suggest a creative, reasonably priced contractor to help me with this? Any guidance would be appreciated, as I've always done the work myself and have no experience with hiring or sourcing for a project of this scale.

Sent by Susan

Editor: If you have any recommendations for contractors in NYC or places to research or get more info, please share them with Susan in the comments below - thanks!

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Good Questions

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