Recommendations for Camping Chair That's Big-&-Tall-Fella-Friendly?

Recommendations for Camping Chair That's Big-&-Tall-Fella-Friendly?

Regina Yunghans
Jul 8, 2014
(Image credit: Flickr member pfly under CC BY 2.0)

Q: My partner has unwittingly destroyed every camping/beach chair we've bought (poor thing!), and has therefore developed a bit of portable-chair anxiety, unable to sit comfortably without worrying that it'll collapse at any moment. He's a big & tall fella, and given his recent foray into recreational basketball leagues, will likely be bringing some other gentle giants along in the future on camping trips/picnics/whatevs. So we're needing some sturdy chairs they can relax in worry-free!

It'd need to be portable/foldable (I'd like to be able to carry it, and my upper-body strength is pretty piddly). Our budget complicates things — although I'm absolutely willing to pay more for something that will last a long time, we can't afford to spend much (although we could put it on our "someday" wishlist)!

Any suggestions? :)

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