Recycled Accessories from Aster & Sage

Recycled Accessories from Aster & Sage

Heather Blaha
Dec 18, 2007

Our go-to gift for meeting old friends around the holidays: a bottle of their favorite something. Rather than buying up a bunch of disposable glitzy paper wine bags, these recycled wine bags are a great alternative - and the giftee can use them again. Fabric on these (and the items shown below) is 78% recycled polyester/rayon with a 54% recycled Sensuede applique.

Astor and Sage's philosophy:

We love using material with recycled content. Recycled means less waste, of course, but there's something exciting about using material that has existed before. Was it a different color? Was it a fabric scrap or a soda bottle?

Our philosophy is to design first and then find recycled materials to compliment our vision. We believe our 'design first' attitude promotes awareness of recycled fabrics in two ways: consumers are exposed to the possibilities of recycled materials, and our products' popularity encourages fabric mills to manufacture material with recycled content.

The recycled fabrics in our current product line are polyesters made from reclaimed fabric scraps and soda bottles.

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