A Colorful Backyard Cat Apartment Made from Recycled Computer Monitors

Miki's Design

Some people treat their cats like pets while others treat them like royalty. Anyone finding themselves squarely in the second camp should feast their eyes on this feline-friendly and rainbow-hued DIY backyard installation using recycled computer monitors.

In tribute to a lost pet, Miki Steiner created this unique cat condo around an outdoor bench. It's a fun project that uses things that can be found or bought for cheap, like a few thrift store CRT computer monitors hollowed out into cozy spots for the whiskered ones.

Although she doesn't leave any directions for replicating her project, we can gather the process from these photos: Hollow out an old monitor, spray paint it all over with a bright color, then layer in a pillow or blanket for a cozy laying spot. It's interesting, eclectic, and can be arranged as big or small as needed, whether your feline family has an only child or is closer to crazy cat lady status.

More info and images: Miki's Design

(Image credits: Miki Steiner)