Recycled Flip Flop Home Accessories from Viva Terra

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Flip flops have a short shelf life in our wardrobes, but a long one in our landfills. Our family runs around in them all summer until they fall apart or the dirt and disgust factor requires they be thrown away. To assuage our guilt a tiny measure, we were pleased to see that flip flop factory remnant rubber, which would otherwise be discarded, is being given new life and recycled into home accessories. The bins, round or rectangular, could perform colorful storage in a child's room or anywhere you need something rugged and durable. If they get dirty, just hose them down as you would your own flip flops.

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The mats come in three doormat sizes and also a runner size that could double as a soft outdoor playmat.

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All are available at Viva Terra. Similar flip-flop mats can be found at Uncommon Goods.

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