Recycled Paper Turned Beautiful Tech Sculptures

What can you make with recycled magazines, newspapers and sheet music? The first thing that comes to mind probably isn't tech. Artist Jennifer Collier finds and collects paper materials to sew, wax and bond into beautiful one-off objects. Have a look at Jennifer's wide array of paper made tech objects.

Jennifer's chooses materials based on the type of object she is making.


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Map SLR: For crafting an SLR, Jennifer chose an old map to represent the thought of traveling and taking photos.

Letter SLR: Called the "Letter SLR" because this one is covered in an old written letter.

Super 8 Camera: The Super 8 camera is covered with theatre and play showings.

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Roliflex: The Roliflex is made with what seems like a love letter written in romantic script.

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Typewriter: The typewriter is made out of newspapers.

Telephone: The telephone is covered in phonebook listings.

Sewing Machines

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Singer: The Singer sewing machine was crafted with an old pattern.

Bernina: The Bernina machine was made with a fabric-like rose patterned paper.

[All photos courtesy of Jennifer Collier]