Recycled Pickle Barrel Furniture from Sundance

Recycled Pickle Barrel Furniture from Sundance

Oct 23, 2007

Pickle barrels are not the first (or second) material that comes to mind when we think 'things to build furniture out of.' But the folks at Sundance have done just that. Their Recycled Pickle Barrel Collection is made from "reclaimed timbers from the Heinz pickle factory in Pittsburgh—old-growth cypress and douglas fir that once topped vinegar barrels." While the resulting bed and nightstand are a tad rustic for our taste, we can see them working well in the right space.

Of course, not only does this furniture come with a great story but the buyers can feel good about not contributing to the destruction of today's forests. Reuse is one of the cornerstones of the green movement, after all.

Available through Sundance, the bed is priced from $1,995 - $2,195, the nightstand is $395.


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