Recycled Shelving: Wine Bottles + Planks
Jonathan B.
Oct 6, 2008
10208_winebottleshelves.jpgLike everyone else, we're paring back at Re-nest, looking for ways to use what we already have more beautifully and spend less on energy. We've spotted an ingenious way to make a shelf unit out of used wine bottles, discarded planks of wood, and a bit of hardware. We also spent time recently at the West Coast Green show, and we've been blogging the highlights. For example: we explain why Icynene spray insulation can save so much energy... and why some green-minded folks don't like it.

More creative reuse: striking art made from junk mail, and eleven ways to put empty egg cartons to work. Links—as always—after the jump.

Feed birds? Light a fire? Who knew egg cartons could be so useful?

It's a good insulator, it blocks drafts, and it significantly reduces sound transmission. What's not to love about Icynene?

Artist Sandhi Schimmel Gold uses scraps of junk mail like tiles to create striking portraits and landscapes.

10208_winebottleshelves.jpg We were excited about this shelf as a DIY project, but you can support an artist by buying it already built on Etsy...
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