Recycled Street Sign Coasters

OK, OK, I admit it- I am becoming my mother. After a childhood of militant groaning everytime I was told to use a coaster, I've morphed into a coaster distributing fiend when I have guests- a room full of nice wood furniture sure can change a person...

However much I find myself channeling Mom's traditionalism in this respect, I like to try to keep my coasters cool and interesting so my house doesn't look like Mom's. These cool coasters made from recycled street signs are just the ticket to bring a little urban edge into the home. Individually handcrafted by Rhode Island artist Boris Bally, these recycled DOT coasters measure 4.5" square and are sold in sets of four. The $70 per set price tag may seem steep, but these are art with function, and would make an excellent housewarming or hostess gift.