BoxCycle: An Online Exchange for Cardboard Boxes

BoxCycle: An Online Exchange for Cardboard Boxes

Jonathan B.
Sep 24, 2008

Just last week, we put the last of the cardboard boxes from our move out at the curb with our regular recycling. With the help of BoxCycle, we could have sold those boxes to someone else...

The process is fairly easy. At the BoxCycle website, punch in a zip code and you'll get a list of box sellers. Pay online via PayPal and then go pick up your boxes. If you've got boxes to sell, the site makes it easy to list your inventory. The idea is that individuals as well as big users of boxes, such as grocery and liquor stores, will be able to sell their boxes for reuse, rather than have to pay to get them recycled. We couldn't find any boxes available near us, so it will be interesting to see if a website this small and specialized catches on.

via Lifehacker; image by scol22 via

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