Recycling is an essential element of modern living, but it certainly raises complicated design questions, especially in smaller places. Even those living in larger homes grapple with the question of attractive storage for the recycling before pickup day. Here's a selection of our favorite recycling storage options, plus a couple of other cool recycling products we couldn't help but share.

  • iTouchless Stainless Steel Recycling Bin from Overstock ($188) - This stainless steel unit is portable and compact- a great option for any home.
  • Two Bin Recycler from The Container Store ($40) - This unit takes advantage of the vertical space with a small physical footprint.
  • The Smart Bin Waste/Recycling Bin from Target ($100) - Another stainless steel option that combines trash and recyling in one compact unit.
  • Simple Human Front Load Recycler from Amazon ($30) - This unit is easy to load and to stack - another great option for those with available vertical space.
  • Stacking Recycle Bins from Crate & Barrel ($7 - $11) These pieces are inexpensive and compact enough to fit in make cabinets.
  • Dimpa Recycling Bags from IKEA ($7 for 3) - Another inexpensive option for recycling storage- ideal for folks in temporary spaces.
  • Newspaper Log Roller from Plow and Hearth ($40) - This tool makes turning your newspapers into usable fireplace fuel fast and easy.
  • Stainless Steel Compost Bin from The Container Store ($45) - This one gallon unit makes it easy to compost even in a small city apartment, and looks good doing it.