Red and blue might be enemies across bipartisan lines, but they make beautiful music together when it comes to decor. Red and blue are a classic combination, and these vintage accessories complement each other perfectly. Just don't let the colors inspire politics at the dinner table.

These accessories are even sweeter because they're eco-friendly. As vintage pieces from the 1960s, 70s, or 80s, they have stood the test of time and are long-lasting, pre-owned, durable and heirloom worthy.

(Shown above from left to right)
1. Group photo of featured products.
2. Vintage blue alarm clock from Russia, $32.00 from Artma Village
3. Vintage red manual typewriter - HERCULES, $125.00 from Artma Village
4. Vintage Russian mechanical alarm clock Slava from Soviet Union period red alarm clock, $29.00 from Clockwork Universe
5. Vintage Blue Typewriter, Portable Smith Corona Coronet Electric 12, w/ case, 1970s, $85.00 from Itch for Kitsch

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(Images: As credited above.)