Red Chairs, Beautiful Bedroom Sets & More

Red Chairs, Beautiful Bedroom Sets & More

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 19, 2012

Today in the south there are pops of red. Well red really isn't the right word. Eye piercing, flesh burning red might be a better description, yet somehow it's tolerable when it's in the form of a lush lounge chair and side table. That said, please don't use them together. Yikes.

BATON ROUGE: Desk for $70
BATON ROUGE: Side Table for $100
BATON ROUGE: Barstools for $40
BATON ROUGE: Vanity for $225
JACKSON: Velvet Chairs for $95

BIRMINGHAM: Desk for $225
BIRMINGHAM: Green Chair for $225
BIRMINGHAM: Bedroom Set for $225
BIRMINGHAM: Credenza for $195
BIRMINGHAM: Dresser for $275

HOUSTON: side Table for $95
HOUSTON: Pottery Barn Chairs for $375
HOUSTON: Fiberglass Chair for $30
HOUSTON: Dresser for $195
HOUSTON: Newport Sign for $50

ATLANTA: French Desk for $400
ATLANTA: Wood Chairs for $300
ATLANTA: Dining Set for $850
ATLANTA: Red Chair for $125
ATLANTA: Headboard for $60

Apartment Therapy is not the seller of these items. This is an edited selection of our favorite offerings from other independent sources. Please check the item's link for the original source. Happy Scavenging!

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