Red Sugar Bowl from Portugal

Maxwell’s Daily Find 12.09.11

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Red Sugar Bowl from Portugal

• $26

In honor of my Design Evening guests next week, Alisa and Marco, I wanted to highlight this bestseller from Kiosk, their groundbreaking international design shop.

A classic and useful design that they discovered during their travels, this is the story - "The sugar bowl was tipped off to us by Rosa Pomar, thanks! It was first produced sometime between 1955-1964 and is made by one of the last melamine producers in Europe. While we were touring the factory they pointed out to me melamine made in Europe is a totally different quality standard from what is produced in Asia. It is very important to them that you know this. In fact all of what they make is very important to them as it is a small, family operation. I love the fins as handles and the cherry red color. Dipping my spoon into it in the morning it says, "Hello, wake up!" in the most friendly way possible. It's a little flying saucer."

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