Reduce, Reuse, Remodel: Home Upgrades that Pay You Back

From 1BOG and Column Five Media

Column Five Media and 1BOG (One Block off the Grid) teamed up to make this infographic that illustrates the costs associated with remodeling. They tackle solar hot water, solar for electricity, seal duct leaks, low-emissive windows, green roofs, smart roofs, high-efficiency shower heads, thermal mass floors and more.

Prioritizing remodeling chores is important if you are interested in getting the most bang for your buck. This infographic from Column Five Media and 1BOG compares annual savings, 20-year savings, payback time and added costs associated with various remodeling projects.

Here are four examples of the upgrades this infographic illustrates. See Column Five Media for more upgrades.

Solar Hot Water: Channeling water from rooftop panels to an existing tank limits the energy used to heat water.
Annual Savings: $280
20-year Savings: $5,600
Payback Time: 8.9 years
Added Cost: $2,500

Programmable Thermostats can automatically lower or raise temperatures to levels that lower cost.
Annual Savings: $180
20-year Savings: $3,600
Payback Time: 0.6 years
Added Cost: $115

Seal Duct Leaks Sealed and insulated ducts make heating and coolig more efficient by limiting air lost as it travels.
Annual Savings: $300
20-year Savings: $6,000
Payback Time: 1.5 years
Added Cost: $450

Radiant Floors Radiant systems apply heat directly to floors and can decrease heating costs by as much as 40 percent.
Annual Savings: $550
20-year Savings: $11,000
Payback Time: 7.3 years
Added Cost: $4,000

View the entire Reduce, Reuse, Remodel graphic at Column Five Media.

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(Image: Column Five Media and 1BOG)