Reel Rooms: Oscar-Inspired Spaces

My dream job would be to design sets for movies. It combines my two obsessions: film and interior design. Most of the time while watching a movie, I'm more distracted by the set designer's choices than on what's actually happening in the scene. I've taken a few of my favorite visual scenes of this year's Oscar-nominated films and paired them up with their room cousins. Take a look...1. The Artist, 2. Rodellee's Tiny Vintage Studio 3. Sandra's Luxurious Modern in Brentwood House Tour 4. The Help, 5. Design Is Mine 6. Goodbye to a Style Icon: Elizabeth Taylor 7. Digging Decor 8. Midnight in Paris, Photographer - Roger Arpajou © 2011 Mediapro, Versátil, & Gravier Productions 9. Design Sponge 10. Saucy Help 11. Hugo, The LA Times 12. Great Homes With Color: East Coast 13. Design Sponge