Refrigerator Makeover


Since we'll be sticking close to home most of the summer (our neighbors call this a staycation), we thought we'd use the time to summer-ize our kitchen a little. With the way the soggy weather has been the past few weekends, we took advantage of an unusually sunny Saturday and tackled the refrigerator first. Check out the results after the jump!

Now that's more like it!

We love our Amana refrigerator because it takes panels, but instead of making it match the cabinets, we cut a plywood board to fit so that we could change it to strike our mood (up until last weekend it was chalkboard). It's simple to slide out and paint (just 4 screws).

...although never content to leave things for too long, we have a plan for its next makeover when we get tired of red. This door mural looks like it might fit perfectly, especially with the bottom freezer.

color: Benjamin Moore Red


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