Regina's Cure: Landing & Preparing for Takeoff

Liveblogging the January Cure 2014

When I set up our landing strip during last year's January Cure, I mentioned wanting to add a trash bin in the opening just below the little shelf niche. Junk mail makes its way to the kitchen countertop far too often, a problem that could so easily be avoided if we nipped it in the bud at the entryway. So today I'm adding a trash bin. We'll see if it helps prevent junk mail from infiltrating the house.

We've kept up use of the landing strip pretty much as shown last year, though its function has expanded. Outgoing mail goes in the blue box, but the strip catches other things, too: the few paper bills we receive await us there until they're paid and returned to the landing strip for mailing, library DVDs remind us that they need to be returned, and sunglasses are stowed away there that would otherwise be forgotten or lost. Also at the strip are stamps, incoming mail on the lower shelf, and the "nap time - no doorbell" sign.
A clean out of the coat closet was done over the weekend to prepare for guests' coats at a party we hosted on Sunday. We keep shoes in a rack on the floor, winter wraps in bins on the top shelf, adult coats on hangers, and child coats on hooks at mid-height on the door. A cleanup of the closet made room for guest coats but also really made a noticeable difference in helping our family get out the door more smoothly and quickly. Having shopping totes at the ready and hanging on a hook, for instance, helps us remember them and allows us to snag them quickly on the way out.


(Image credits: Regina Yunghans)