Regina's Dream Honeymoon

Regina's Dream Honeymoon

Regina Yunghans
Jul 31, 2012

With recent media leaks about Will and Kate's honeymoon last year, we've been thinking about how we would honeymoon if we were royalty. In reality, my husband and I spent our honeymoon in the Berkshires, which was wonderful but definitely not a money-is-no-object sort of trip. Here's how we'd do it if that were the case:

1) We'd travel to the Golden Isles of the French Riviera, as seen here from Baltic Sea Cruises.
2) We'd sleep on a luxurious bed like this live edge platform Lexell Bed, $13,000 from Interior Connector.
3) Our room would be full of potted fruit plants, much like the one pictured in a how-to from Ehow.
4) An in-room telescope like this Takahashi from Scopecity would make for some romantic stargazing.
5) I chose this for my other dream escape, too, but a bedside sheepskin rug like this one from Sheepskin Furs really is dreamy underfoot.
6) Sweet Wine Slushies like these from The Kitchn would always be on hand.
7) Victor Aleman's Loopita lounge chair provides a place for a modern tete-a-tete.

(Images: As linked above)

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