OK, so maybe you don't want to release the Kraken on your kids. But how about some sweet sea creature wall art? Even the Kraken looks adorable. 


1. Kraken Giant Squid$45, by Amy Sullivan.
2. Whimsial Star Whale Acrylic Painting, $100, by Andrea Doss from Etsy shop Andralynn.
3. Puffer Fish Newspaper Collage, $55, from Etsy shop BlessHue.
4. Tropical Sea Creatures Canvas Wall Art, $76, by Oopsy Daisy from Wall Sticker Outlet.
5. Abstract Sea Creatures Print, $35, by LindsayMichelle at Society6.


6. Sea Creatures, $18, by Lindsey Salles on Society6.
7. Octopus Kids Art Print, $20, by Annie Bach from Etsy Shop Lulufroot.
8. Shark Head Plaque, $23, from Pottery Barn Kids.
9. Pop Art Shell IV Canvas Wall Art, $70, by N Harbick from Kids Art.
10. Eric Carle's Sea Turtle, $119, from Oopsy Daisy.

(Images: as linked above)