How Can I Hang Regular Wallpaper in a Temporary Way?

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Q: I want to use Farrow and Ball Silvergate wallpaper on one wall of my bedroom. I've convinced my boyfriend (even gotten his approval for doing it in a lovely arsenic green!), but his parents, who own the apartment, are not happy about the idea of wallpaper.

They're ok with removable wallpaper, but I haven't found any I like, especially not in comparison to the subtle irregularities and texture of the Silvergate, which is hand-printed.

So, a question that I'm sure Apartment Therapy readers would know the answer to if anyone does — any ideas for hanging regular wallpaper in a removable way? Tacks, spray adhesive? Or, failing that, any good ideas for convincing apartment owners that permanent wallpaper really isn't such a terrible idea? Thank you!

Here's the wallpaper of my dreams:

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