Removable Wallpaper: Does It Work?

Oh Happy Day!

Removable wallpaper sounds like a renter's dream, doesn't it? Beautiful prints that pull right off without a trace when you're ready to remove it. But does it actually come off that easily? We think we found the verdict.

Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day! hung gorgeous removable wallpaper by Sherwin Williams in her home a few years ago but recently, on the verge of a move, she and her husband had to take it down. Did it hold up to its promise of easy removal without a trace? According to Jordan, pretty much. From what she writes, the paper came down easily and left just a few faint marks on the wall that had to be repainted. No steamers, scrapers, or solvents? We'd say that's pretty darn good. Be sure to read all the details over at Oh Happy Day!

(Images: Oh Happy Day!)