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Name: Rene
Location: Hoogeveen, The Netherlands

Last year, after feeling well enough to once again face life and its many possibilities I decided to go and live on my own. During my illness I saved quite a bit of money, and from the onset I planned on spending it on a nice home. The designing wasnt that difficult. I already had a couple of nice rooms at my parents house, and those had developed over time.

Over time I got a nice selection of vintage lamps and a collection of good looking books. So I had some funiture, and, of course, I used the colors from those items. The apartment dictated where the stuff had to go, and then I just had to fill in the rest. I needed a bookcase, a couch, a dining and coffee table, dining chairs and a few accessories.

I basically got my inspiration from magazines and blogs, and especially love Apartment Therapy because of all the house tours which are very helpful. My style is probably a mix between vintage, white interiors and bright colored accessories. I had a hard time choosing between the two because people were telling me that bright colors lose their appeal quite soon and I got scared. A lot of money is invested, and I didnt want to make a mistake. I ended up with a compromise. The main orange is kind of a dark orange instead for example, and the floor is dark brown, so its not really as vibrant as I originally wanted, although as a whole im still very much satisfied.

Thanks, Rene!

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