Home Tech Semi-Finalist #2 - Rene's Museum Minimalism

Home Tech Semi-Finalist #2 - Rene's Museum Minimalism

May 14, 2007

Name: Rene
Location: DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

Favorite other tech entry from the contest:
My favorite other entry is #12's home office. I like the way Edward took advantage of the space to put his office together. On the A/V entries we all have different views obviously, but I prefer not only clean walls but also hidden equipment. Our walls are columns are still missing art so our TV wall looks a little bare right now but I don't like having a piece of furtniture right underneath. So #13 would be my favorite on the A/V side, but there's a certain pride to having done everything ourselves.

More photos below the jump...

What's next on your tech to-do list? Our lighting is going to be controlled by the same remote control. We already received the Insteon light switches and controls, I just haven't had time to install. We also just automated the window treatments in the bedroom. I will upgrade the Silhouettes in the living room myself with the Somfy motor. So one push of a button will dim lights, close Silhouettes and run the A/V equipment.

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