Sal's Camping Trailer Renovation

Sal's Camping Trailer Renovation

Michelle Chin
Jan 20, 2012

While visiting Portland, Oregon last week, I made one last stop on my way to the airport to visit some good friends. To my surprise, under a blue tarp in their driveway, was this wonderful 1971 camping trailer that they have been refurbishing.

They love traveling to the coast, but in an effort to save money on lodging, they started looking for trailers. At the recommendation of his father-in-law, Sal went looking for an Aristrocrat brand trailer. He found one for $500 and began the slow, mostly DIY, process of refurbishment.

Below, you can see the serious dry rot that needed replacing:

Here is the before and after of the panel replacement and new upholstery:

Sal has created a very detailed blog about his project. View it here: Aristocrat Land Commander Project

Thanks for sharing, Sal!

(Images: Salvatore Reda / Aristocrat Land Commander Project)

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