Deeply hued rooms often look great in design magazines, but they can be intimidating to try at home. If you're drawn to black walls, but haven't decided where to put them, consider the shower stall. Tiling a shower in a dark color is enough to make an impact without committing to an entire room.

  1. Sleek black tiles pair perfectly with classic brass accents in the stylish bathrooms of The Dean, a new boutique hotel in Providence Rhode Island. Via Yatzer.
  2. A beautiful view from the window is framed with black tilework in a dreamy bathroom from Black Makoid Architecture.
  3. Small black tiles create a big impact in architect Cary Tamarkin's beach home in Shelter Island, New York. From House Beautiful.
  4. Wood slats and two different shapes of tiles make for an eclectic but eye- catching mix in a rowhouse in Colorado. From S2 Architects.
  5. This soothing shower space in Manhattan shows that oversized black tiles can look unexpectedly calming. Via Elle Decor.