Renters: Do You Own A Safe?

There are some things when you rent that you know you should do or own, but never really get around to it. For us, owning a safe is one of those things. Sure we have renters insurance to cover the replacement of things but in case of fire, flood or theft is it better to be "safe" than sorry? Click through the jump to tell us why or why we shouldn't bother locking up our assets.

One of the main reasons we haven't picked out a safe (and hiding place) is the wide array of home safes. The smaller ones still seem too easy to carry off in case of theft, but if it's a fire or flood that plagues you, being able to carry it off would be a bonus. Combination lock? Electronic lock? There are just so many choices!
Do you have one? Tell us why you chose yours below!

The above safe is found on Amazon for $74.99

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