Renter's Removable Solutions: Gold Stickers

ICFF was inspirational not just for the great new products we've been blogging here but for the creative displays in the booths. In the booth displaying Lindsey Adelman's beautiful glass Bubble chandeliers (the seemingly still melting glass is dotted with bits of gold), we were as blown away by the wall treatment as by beautiful work.

Resembling a delicate Asian abstract scroll (and that impression was underlined by the fact that this installation was constructed on sheets of paper that hung from the top of the booth with gold binder clips), it glinted in the light like fish scales. A closer examination revealed it to be made up of those gold stickers we all clamoured for in grade school. We think this would be beautiful on a white wall. The effect is dramatic and the stickers are easily removable, a perfect combination if you rent rather than own your home.