Ah, beige carpet: the scourge of the rental, the never-quite-clean enemy lurking underfoot. If you're stuck with the stuff, here are nine coping strategies pulled from the Apartment Therapy archives...

1. Play with pales: House Call: Peggy's White and Light
2. Be bold: Finn's DIY Domain
3. Contrast textures: Gavin's Winning Woodsy Nursery
4. Create a colorful focal point: Maeve Rosalind's After The Rain Room (see The Look For Less: Maeve Rosalind's Nursery On A Budget for affordable options).
5. When in doubt, wampa: Rocky's Star Wars Nursery.

6. Add a bedside detail: Anne & Richard's Loving Renovation at the El Dorado
7. Hide it: Covering Up Ugly Rental Apartment Carpeting With Laminate Flooring
8. Go big: 10 Under $300: Giant, Affordable Rugs to Cover Hideous Floors
9. Embrace it: Kristen & Kourosh's 70s Modern California Beach House