Renters Solutions: DIY Door Organizer for a Tiny Kitchen


Everyone I know thinks they have a small kitchen. Truthfully, only one of them actually has an impossibly tiny space, a kitchen with only three cabinets and even fewer drawers. While that might sound like a mansion to some New Yorkers, it's incredibly small for Atlanta. It just goes to show that folks everywhere feel like they need more space in the kitchen. Here's one brilliant way to get it.

Many kitchen storage solutions just aren't feasible in a tiny rental kitchen. Shelves on the wall would keep the fridge from swinging open, and over-the-door racks aren't an option if there's no door to hang from. So what's the best solution? Bring a door in!

Jamie Dorobek of C.R.A.F.T. created this free-standing organizer for her small South Florida kitchen from an upcycled shutter door. It's the perfect fix for several reasons: It looks great, holds tons of gear, doesn't stick out into your valuable living space, and doesn't require you to put any holes in the wall at all.

And if there's already a shutter door in your kitchen (or anywhere else extra room is needed), you can use this project as inspiration to "hook" it up with hooks and other hanging organization.

(Image credits: C.R.A.F.T.)