Renting Your Home for Television & Movie Productions

Renting Your Home for Television & Movie Productions

Aaron Able
Jul 21, 2008

We've known a few people in our neighborhood that made a few thousand dollars renting out their apartments to Law & Order film crews. (The East Village is definitely a hot-spot for them.)The New York Times examines this industry and shares anecdotes of both owners and renters that have welcomed production crews into their homes...

The story looks at production companies that rent spaces for varied amounts of time — from a day to a few months. It also talks about real estate developers marketing their new buildings through reality shows.

In addition to the main article, Lights! Camera! Ka-Ching!, there is an audio slideshow interview with Harlem resident Marsha Torn (her town home, which she frequently rents to production crews, is pictured above) and a special section with advice on How to Get Started to increase the chances of getting your home featured in a production.

Images: Kevin Swann for The New York Times

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