Repurpose a Filing Cabinet for the Kitchen

Repurpose a Filing Cabinet for the Kitchen

Jessica Tata
Sep 23, 2011

I love office supplies of all shapes and sizes, and older steel case cabinets and desks are some of my favorites. I adore the idea of resuscitating them and painting them jubilant colors. Bringing an old file cabinet into the kitchen? I'm intrigued...

Leave it to Life Hacker to lead us to some of the more interesting projects. Today they pointed us to Curbly, a great home site that regularly features fantastic DIYs.

I really love the look of this rolling kitchen cart, and think that the size might be just perfect for a versatile surface that doesn't take up too much room. My kitchen is not very large, but I would definitely have the space (and the need) for a cart of this scale.

Take a look at the step-by-step---it doesn't seem like too much to handle! And regardless of whether a filing cabinet works for your aesthetic, it ought to get your brain working to think of other non-traditional items that might be transformed in kind.

Images: Curbly

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